Here is a Box…

Earlier this year my dear friend and collaborator Dimitra Xidous was approached by ChoiceBox about the possibility of creating a piece for their new website. ChoiceBox are an organisation who have created events, workshops and a website to facilitate artistic response to issues around bodily autonomy and choice, in the context of the upcoming referendum on the 8th amendment. Dimitra’s poetry explores the body, sensuality, death and pleasure with as much gravity as humour, the combination of which is probably ‘Here is a Box’s triumph. It was the first piece I ever heard her read and convinced me that we would become friends, so naturally the chance to work on the project was impossible to pass up. We were very lucky to be joined by the very talented Fiona Brennan (film maker) to create this video piece.

The joy and strength of the dancing body/body in motion. The whole range of female experience

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