Show and Tell Time

  The last week presented me with two equally enjoyable opportunities. First, I was asked to present my work at the Kilmainham Arts Club for an International Women’s Day event. That evening, organised by the wonderful Vawn Corrigan, not only showcased an incredibly diverse selection of women from all areas of the arts, but also raised money for a very worthwhile cause (sending schoolbooks to South Africa via Home of Hope). Emilie Conway (jazz vocalist), Kyla Tomlinson  (portrait artist), Nicole Eve Rourke (writer and performance artist), Christine Hooper (film maker) and Anne Tannam (poet) were an absolute treat to watch and listen to. It’s funny how relaxed I am about singing on stage, but talking about my art… well that’s a totally different ballgame. Many thanks to the very attentive and generous audience and to Tom, for the tech assistance. 

 Later in the week, I was delighted to give a demo and talk in Graphic Studio Gallery as part of our current exhibition Fresh Print. Here’s me (above) looking very happy as I chat to lots of print enthusiasts. Thanks to all who attended and to Peter and Mary in the gallery for organising. 

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