All things new!


Finishing college finally gave me a chance to catch up on all the things I’d been neglecting over the previous year, to read purely for pleasure, to take a well-earned holiday and make a return to writing! Me and Maurice resumed our previous practice of setting aside time for songwriting, finishing a handful of songs by the end of the summer.

With our new album still a while away from release, we decided to do a rough live recording of our new song We Need Never Leave This City Again, a satirical musing on modern society’s relationship with technology and consumerism. Maurice, like the multi-talented man he is, overlaid drums, bass and multiple guitars over the initial recording.

Then we decided to make a little video for it, travelling by tram and train, tracing a days commute through our beautiful city. Luckily we had the ever helpful Jack Breslin on hand to help us edit it. Here it is, anyway. Not polished, but new and very enjoyable to make! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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