Maser Show at the Graphic Studio Gallery



  On November 11th a solo show by Dublin street artist Maser opened at the Graphic Studio Gallery, Temple Bar. And oh! how full of energy and dynamism it is, mirrored also by the frenzy of attendants. One of the best things about being part of a studio collective, is getting to see how other people work. Better still is the chance to edition for other artists. Handling other people’s plates, striving to reproduce their pieces on their behalf gives so much insight into their process and aesthetic. I had the pleasure (along with so many other talented print makers) of helping out with a couple of Maser’s recent pieces, created with master printer Robert Russell.

  The show continues until December 3rd, so do make sure to drop in. Here’s a snap of me, warming my wintry bones with wine and wonderfully colourful work!



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